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image   Mirc and macr o-rings

Micr and Macr O-rings


Hanfeng has earned a reputation for solving tough sealing problems associated with smaller designs. Even our competitors have recommended us for challenging micro miniature applications that were beyond their capabilities. With engineering expertise and advanced manufacturing technology, Hanfeng 's capability to hold tolerances on micro miniature seals is unsurpassed. In addition, Hanfeng can develop special compounds to meet the needs of your application.

What is a Micr-Oring Seal
As a general definition, a MicrOring seal is any o-ring that measures less than 1 mm in either inside diameter or cross section. Hanfeng offers MicrOring seals in ranging from the largest, with an inside diameter or cross section of .039 in. (1.0 mm), down to .012 in. (.30 mm) inside diameter .

Macr o-rings
MicrOring seals were developed by Hanfeng to meet the ever-increasing demand for effective seals in a wide range of miniaturized applications, from precision instruments and medical devices to aerospace and fiber optics. Today's smaller designs can present some big challenges for the design engineer, particularly the tight tolerances required for micro miniature sealing applications.

Large O-rings with breakthrough quality.

Whether your currently use molded large O-rings or seals produced by conventional bonding methods, or are undecided as to which seal is best for your application, Hanfeng's MacrOring  seals are the economical, superior choice. Developed in response to growing market demands, MacrOring seals are stronger, larger O-rings with tighter tolerances than ordinary slash and glue seals.

What is are MacrOring seals?

Hanfeng's breakthrough manufacturing process for large O-rings and seals. MacrOring seals are available from 2" I.D. to 500" I.D. and beyond, and in cross sections ranging from .070" to 1". Custom engineered seals are also available to meet your specifications, with prototypes and samples produced within 24 hours.